Website updates

Over the last few weeks the Website has undergone some significant changes with in content and styling.

Changes so far

Reachout 2020: Reachout 2020 is an initiative of the Membership and Volunteerism group designed to increase our Club audience. A signup form and tracking database was added to facilitate this effort.

The Gallery: At long last we have a gallery of photos representing our club and member activities. This is available to all in the main top menu. Just click on Galleries to check it out.

Political news: A new page has been created that contains curated Political News items from around the web. Each item contains a small excerpt and links back to the original article page. A limited summary of these are available to all in the side bar of many of our pages and a complete list is available to the members who log into the site.

Page redesign: Many of the current pages are undergoing a redesign in order to streamline the creation and maintenance of these pages. As an added bonus this redesign creates a more responsive Website and hopefully quicker access to our content. Note that this redesign will result in minor style changes but maintains the current content of each page.

Voter and Poll worker health and safety page: A new page has been added to provide health and safety information for upcoming elections.

Covid-19: A new page has been created containing relevant information about Covid-19.

Up and coming changes

Zoom: A new feature of the Website software will allow our Club Zoom meetings to be incorporated into the Website and will provide a centralized location for accessing these meetings.

New and updated content: As time permits new informational pages will be created as well as updated information to existing pages.

That’s it for now. Check out the new information and look for more in the coming days and weeks.