Beginning June 24,1999, Wood County Democrats shall operate under these Bylaws.


The name of this organization shall be known as Wood County Democrats, hereinafter referred to as WCD.

ARTICLE II: Purpose & Policy

Section 1-Purpose

The purpose of WCD shall be to promote the increased political activity and influence of Democrats in and for the county of Wood, the state of Texas, and the United States of America.

Section 2-Policy

The policy of WCD shall be to provide support for Democrats working in party organizations, campaigns and/or seeking party or public office. WCD will promote legislative, executive and judicial policies that enhance the quality of life for all people of Wood County.


Section 1-Eligibility

Any Democrat who supports the purpose of WCD is eligible for membership. 

Section 2-Membership

A member shall be one whose current year’s dues have been paid or has been granted a scholarship. 

Section 3-Dues

Annual dues go directly into the local treasury of WCD. Membership renewals are due at the regular meeting in January each year. Renewing members must pay or apply for a scholarship each year to be considered a member in good standing for that year

Section 4-Levels of Membership:

  1. Regular Members pay $15.00;
  2. Activist members pay $25.00;
  3. House members pay $50.00;
  4. Senate members pay $100.00; and
  5. Scholarship members shall submit an oral or a written application to any officer.


Section 1-Section Membership

The Executive Board shall consist of nine voting members. The Board shall be composed of the four officers and fivea dditional members. The remaining five members shall be elected at the same time and in the same fashion as the officers.

Section 2-Duties

The Board shall:
  1. manage the affairs of WCD and vote upon the use of WCD funds;
  2. be responsible for the programs for each regular monthly meeting;
  3. be responsible for any reports that may be required in accordance to the Texas Election Code and the guidelines of the Texas Ethics Commission; and
  4. determine the recipients of scholarship memberships in executive session.

    Section 3-Board Meetings

    1. Board shall meet quarterly with at least 10 days written notice given to each of the Board members; and
    2. Any member may call a special meeting as needed with at least 10 days written notice.

    Section 4-Quorum

    A quorum shall consist of five (5) of its members present in person or by proxy. Proxy voting shall be permitted at Board meetings, provided no person may hold or vote more than one proxy, and that the proxy is a member in good standing and has the written consent of the absent Board member. 

    Section 5-Use of Funds

    The use of funds within the treasury of, WCD is determined by a majority vote of Executive Board members in attendance at club meetings or Board meetings. 


    Section 1

    Officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

    Section 2-Duties

    The President shall:

    1. preside at all club meetings and Executive Board (Board) meetings;
    2. represent WCD publicly or designate an alternate;
    3. appoint Standing Committees;
    4. appoint special committees and non-voting officers as needed;
    5. serve ex officio on all committees;
    6. prepare the business agenda for each regular meeting;
    7. prepare the agenda for each Board meeting; and

    8. sign checks.
    The Vice President shall:
    1. perform the duties of the President when the President is absent;
    2. be responsible for prior notification of the Wood County press about upcoming meetings, events and fund-raisers sponsored by or involving WCD; and
    3. keep and maintain information about each member such as, but not excluded to, addresses, telephone numbers, membership standing and the well being of the member and the members family.
    The Secretary shall:
    1. be responsible for the taking and the reporting of the minutes of each regular meeting and Board meeting; and
    2. be responsible for press releases about meetings, events or fund-raisers sponsored by or involving WCD.
    The Treasurer shall:
    1. be the custodian of funds in the bank account and sign checks;
    2. report the financial condition of WCD at each regular meeting;
    3. keep and maintain all records of contributions made by members and nonmembers; and
    4. keep and maintain records of all contributions made to all political candidates including in kind contributions.

    Section 3-Terms

    Officers are elected for two-year terms but may be re-elected. Officers shall hold office until the election of their successor.

    Section 4-Elections

    Elections are held biennially by a majority vote of the membership that is in good standing attending the regular meeting of the month of June in odd numbered years

    Section 5-Vacancies

    The Board shall fill the vacancy of an office with a majority vote. 

    Section 6-Change of Officers

    When leaving the office, all officers shall turn over all records pertaining to WCD to the appropriate successor. 

    Section 7-Removal

    A Board member is automatically removed if absent from three consecutive Board meetings. Proxy participation does count as being present.

    Section 7-Vacancies

    Vacancies of Board members and officers are filled by the Board at the next meeting of the Board.


    Section 1-Regular Meetings

    Regular monthly meetings open to the public shall be held on the fourth Thursday evening of every month beginning at 7:00 p.m. (except during the months of November and December) at a location determined by a majority vote of the Board.

    Section 2-Meeting Costs

    The cost of attendance, which will include a meal (Dutch treat), at the regular monthly meetings shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board.

    Section 3-Voting

    Business shall be conducted by a majority of members present at any regular monthly meeting. Only members who are in good standing may vote.

    Section 4-Special Meetings

    Special meetings may be called by any officer or Board member and may be held at any location in Wood County. However, all voting pertaining to the business of the club and the use of club funds must be held during a regular monthly meeting.


    Where Bylaws are silent, the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern WCD. 


    Should WCD be dissolved by appropriate action of its membership, the funds and other assets shall be given to the political fund of the Wood County Democratic Executive Committee.


    WCD may adopt such bylaws, as from time to time it shall deem necessary. Bylaws shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members in good standing at a regular monthly meeting. 

    Last amended February 22,2002