The Next General Election

The next general election will be held on Thursday, May 2, 2024. Go through the following Voter Checklist to ensure your vote counts.

Voter checklist – Making sure you can vote

  1. Find out if you’re eligible to vote in Wood County. Click here to see.
  2. Find out if you’re already registered to vote. Click here to see.
  3. For an alternate site to see if you’re already registered to vote. Click here to see.
  4. find out ways to register to vote. Click here to see

Helping others to vote

It’s vitally important that we help others with voting on November 3, 2020. One resource is Map The Vote. Click on the following link to be taken there to find out how you can help: where you will be taken to a page that outlines the process and asked you to login. Clicking the Login button (it’s at the top of the page) asks for your email. If this is your first time then you will be asked to create your login information consisting of name, address, phone number and password. Once you’ve done that you will be presented a map of where you live with green markers showing who has not been contacted. When you click on a green marker you will be presented with a dialog that shows the address and several options, including a script to use while contacting the people at this address. Once completed you will be asked how it went.