The Wood County Democratic Club

We are individuals from Wood county Texas that embody the spirit and goals of Democratic Party. We envision an energized and robust Wood County and State of Texas where the government works for all the people.

The club meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Quitman Public Library. Note: during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we are meeting on the fourth Thursday of every month via Zoom. Check the Club Meeting (Zoom) main menu for details.

All are welcome to join and participate.

We Believe

  • You deserve the opportunity to earn a good life.
  • That our economy should work for everyone.
  • That government should work for the people.
  • In creating more opportunities to earn a good life.
  • You should have access to affordable health care.
  • All children in Wood county deserve a high quality education.
  • That we all have a responsibility to ourselves, family and community.

We know that the quality of life for people can be directly related to the ability to find a good job, the ability to access affordable healthcare, afford clean, safe housing and receive a good education and job training. We believe that after a lifetime of hard work, people deserve to retire with dignity and security. We understand that small, local businesses are important to and drive the Wood county economy. We support equality for all races and religions, and that consenting adults should have the freedom to love and marry whoever they chose.