President - Norma Krueger

The president shall preside at all club meetings and Executive Board (Board) meetings, represent WCDC publicly or designate an alternate, appoint Standing Committees, appoint special committees and non-voting officers as needed, serve as an ex officio member of all committees, prepare the business agenda for each regular meeting, and prepare the agenda for each Board meeting.

Vice President - Madeline Gibson

Performs the duties of the President when the President is absent. Is responsible for prior notification of the Wood County press about upcoming meetings, events and fund-raisers sponsored by or involving Wood County Democrats. Keeps and maintains information about each member such as, but not excluded to, addresses, telephone numbers, membership standing and the well being of the member and the members family.

Secretary - Dyane Vaughan

Is responsible for the taking and the reporting of the minutes of each regular meeting and Board meeting. Is responsible for press releases about meetings, events or fund-raisers sponsored by or involving Wood County Democrats.

Treasurer - Pat Durst

Is the custodian of funds in the bank account and sign checks; report the financial condition of Wood County Democrats at each regular meeting. Keeps and maintains all records of contributions made by members and nonmembers. Keeps and maintains records of all contributions made to all political candidates including in kind contributions.