Responsible for our ACT Blue account, fundraisers and T-Shirt sales.


Internal and External Communication

Responsible for Website, Facebook, Emails, PSAs, Editorials, Position papers, Cost-free awareness programs and partnering with the League of Women Voters.

Political Action

Responsible for Local, state and national level legislation and issues, recruit candidates to run, visibility, festivals, parades, special public events, volunteer opportunities, training Voter Registrars, conventions.

Dr. Charles Thompson Scholarship

The Dr. Charles Thompson Scholarship Fund has been established by the Wood County Democratic Club to honor the service of a fellow Democrat and educator. The Club will contribute to the fund that will assist a high school senior graduating from a school in Wood County, TX. This committee is responsible for evaluating high school seniors intending to gain a higher education or learn a trade.

Get Out The Vote

Responsible for Ballot by mail general and mid-term elections, flyers, phone calls, texting and voter registration


Responsible for addressing Membership and Volunteerism that deals with Meet and Greet events, small group meetings and supporting pro-active precinct chairs.


Host and/or organize events were food or beverages will be served, write “get well soon” cards to members when ill.


This is, as of early 2022, a temporary committee focused on researching billboards in the county, determining location and messaging.