The forces of evil in a Bozo nightmare

*Good read*

Good summary of why Trump lost last night, starting with the fact that they needed Biden to bomb and he had his best performance of the cycle. But really the major problems are the larger problems with his campaign, starting with the fact that he’s the Extremely Online/Extremely High Volume Fox News Viewer candidate:

But in the 2020 general election, Trump needs to communicate with those who live outside the Fox News Cinematic Universe and are not acquainted with its deep mythology. And his self-assigned mission on Thursday night — to reengineer the 2016 campaign’s twist ending by introducing a hazily-defined, email-centric corruption scandal into the mix — only pulled him further into the weeds of the far-right fever swamp. Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” has been a fixture of conservative media for weeks now. But unlike in 2016, the mainstream press has declined to take interest in