Site News

Bylaws update

I have just received the final draft of our updated ByLaws and I’m in the process of updating the ByLaws page. That page will contain the status of my changes while I am updating the text.  

New stuff soon

I’ve been on a kind of extended outing involving travels to internet-less locations. Now that I’m home I’d hoped to have brought the website to greater heights content wide. Hasn’t happened … yet … but I just now heard my name and praises for the site so I guess I better get off my keister …

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Vote page issues

I made a mistake in assuming I can edit the pages from my iPad. In doing so I’ve managed to corrupt the structure causing some sections to display in the wrong areas on the page. It will be fixed tonight.   Edit: ok, that was easy. The Vote page issue has been corrected.

Site quiet time

I’ve taken a bit of a breather and haven’t been updating the site here of late. I’ll be back in the “office” sometime mid-September so don’t expect to see many of an updates until then.

Our website

Site maintenance is ongoing, with plugin, theme and WordPress updates being applied when new versions become available. You may have noticed that some of the front page icons were missing. This was due to a recent plugin update and was fixed by migrating to the newer icon release. The curation plugin I’ve been using to …

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A new page and News on the debates

We have a new page on our site. It contains links to digital resources such as PDF materials of interest. The page is in the site menu as “Resources” and currently contains some of the materials we received from the East Texas Summit. Edited 6/30/2019: changed the menu name to reflect its new name.