Ballot by mail

We need every last Democrat to vote in this next election. And it’s import to vote for all democratic candidates on the ballot, not just for Biden/Harris. Again, you need to select all the democrat candidates on your ballot. 

Texas has expanded our ability to hand deliver our ballots during the pandemic by allowing us to return our ballots in person as soon as they’re completed. That means this year can get our ballot by mail in early. 


  • You can hand deliver your ballot to your Elections office.
  • You CANNOT have someone else deliver your ballot, you must do this in person. 
  • You will need to present photo ID when dropping off your ballot.
  • Please Vote ballot by mail as early as possible. Early voting will be critical this election.

Note, as I get more information I will provide that on our website page here.

(Edited 9/4/2020 to provide a link to the updated Vote webpage)