There will be further website updates occurring this week

With the changes I’ve made this last week completed I intend to start overhauling the site design. Here are a few of the things I’m planning:

  • A new events calendar page
  • Front page redesign
  • Overhaul the news page. I was using a curation plugin to gather the election news but it proved to be awkward and difficult to use. I’m not sure what to replace it with yet but expect some changes to that page.
  • Updates to outdated information. I mean, who is this Sandra Fry person anyway?
  • I continue to look for ways to make it easier to add and update content. Hopefully this will make the site a bit more dynamic.

Some of these changes will happen the week of 4/15 with the remainder being made over the next few months. Thanks for your patience and as always I encourage any suggestions.