Site update news

The site redesign is coming along nicely, at least to my way of thinking 🙂

We have a new calendar plugin that is much easier to style and offers additional features the other calendar didn’t. For instance, you’ll notice the front page has some entries listed for up and coming events. 

I’ve also scrapped the plugin I was using to pull in news of the web in favor of one that allows me to pull in the RSS feeds of other bloggers. I’m still working out the details of how these entries should be presented on our pages so if you’re reading any of the entries on the News page they may change in the way they are presented.

I promised a photo gallery some meetings back but I’m still working out how that’ll fit on our site. 

Also expect a Contact Us page that will direct any and all comments to our webmaster email address. For that to happen I will need to make sure I’ve got as much spam prevention in place as possible. 

And speaking of spam, I’ve added a security plugin to the site a few weeks ago and I was surprised at the number of hack attacks it’s reported as having thwarted so far. Note that these are attacks are not specifically against us but a more general attempt to break into any and all sites on the internet.