Whatever’s happening with older voters in Florida, it’s not good for Trump

*Good, less for him and more for us*

Donald Trump won Florida’s 65-plus voters by 17 points in 2016, according to exit polls. But now, with Democratic rival Joe Biden breathing down Trump’s neck in a state famous for its haven of retirees, older voters are putting the state back in play for Democrats.

Recent polls of the state’s 65-plus crowd aren’t perfectly in line with each other, but few if any suggest Trump is doing as well as he did four years ago with this important demographic. As Politico notes, a September poll from AARP showed Biden leading by one point among older voters. A Monmouth poll this month put Trump up by just 2 points among the demographic, 49%-47%. Then there’s the recent Washington Post/ABC News poll that gives Trump an 8-point edge with the state’s older voters, 52%-44%, and a CBS News poll that had Trump up 53%-44%.

What none of those polls demonstrate is the

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