Impeachment trial rules and timeline

Edit 1/12: As a result of 13 hours of debate on Tuesday new Senate rules have been approved. The modified rules allow the Democratic impeachment managers and Trump’s defense team to have up to three days each to make their case, and evidence from the House will be automatically entered into evidence unless there is an objection. 

Tuesday: Debate on amendment(s) and vote on McConnell resolution

Wednesday: Democratic arguments

Thursday: Democratic arguments

Friday: Trump team arguments

Saturday:Trump team, or senator questions

Monday: Senator questions

Tuesday: possible senator questions, vote on witnesses

The vote on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, will consider the following as Impeachment trial rules (summarized):

The evidence, records, and documents sent over by the House will not automatically be made part of the Senate’s trial proceedings. It may, at such time as Senator McConnell brings up a subsequent motion to allow it and that motion passes with 51 votes.

The Democratic impeachment managers from the House will have 24 hours to make their case, divided into two days.

Senator McConnell has built a kill switch into the rules package allowing him to move to summary dismissal whenever he feels he has the 51 votes to do so.

There will be no vote on witness or additional evidence until after the Democratic House managers and the President’s defense finish presenting their cases.

Senator McConnell has complete control of the audio and video in the Senate chamber.

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