A set of changes to our ByLaws has been proposed and to be honest I don’t know the status of their approval. I do know we had gotten at least some way thru the review and approval process but I just don’t know if that’s complete. Once I know I will update our website with …

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Site quiet time

I’ve taken a bit of a breather and haven’t been updating the site here of late. I’ll be back in the “office” sometime mid-September so don’t expect to see many of an updates until then.

Connecting the dots

Using the El Paso terrorist’s manifesto, I connected the dots for folks still having trouble doing that. This is just the first page. — Brandon Friedman (@BFriedmanDC) August 4, 2019


  The words may be the same, but the meanings are not. “Un-American,” in the lexicon of Representative Denny Heck, Democrat of Washington, describes people in Donald Trump’s orbit who seek to cash in on their positions when dealing with Russians. For Representative Guy Reschenthaler, Republican of Pennsylvania, “un-American” means Mueller’s decision to include in …

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