Month: July 2019

Warren’s Trade Policy

There’s a Medium post and a short video summary: For decades, our trade policies have been written by corporations to benefit their bottom line. It’s time for a new approach. The president has a lot of authority to remake trade policy herself. When I’m elected, I intend to use it. — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) …

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  The words may be the same, but the meanings are not. “Un-American,” in the lexicon of Representative Denny Heck, Democrat of Washington, describes people in Donald Trump’s orbit who seek to cash in on their positions when dealing with Russians. For Representative Guy Reschenthaler, Republican of Pennsylvania, “un-American” means Mueller’s decision to include in …

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Post Mueller summary

If you’re wanting to read a good summary of Muellers testimony before congress check out Charles Pierce’s article at The Esquire here: I think some of the key take aways from the testimony are this: Congressman: “Could you charge the President with a crime after he left office?” Mueller: “Yes.” And this: TPM Livewire …

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A Facebook site related to the border situation

If you’re interested in some insight as to what’s happening on the border I ran across this Facebook site: started by someone who initially went to the border just to see what was going on and decided to chronicle what he saw on numerous social media sites.

Wendy Davis

She’s still kicking. Central Texas is about to see a Congressional fight for the ages. Former Senator Wendy Davis has declared she’s challenging freshman Representative Chip Roy (R) for his seat in the 21st District. Davis rose to prominence as a fierce advocate for abortion rights when she filibustered in the Texas Senate for thirteen …

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Our website

Site maintenance is ongoing, with plugin, theme and WordPress updates being applied when new versions become available. You may have noticed that some of the front page icons were missing. This was due to a recent plugin update and was fixed by migrating to the newer icon release. The curation plugin I’ve been using to …

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